Get Your Mazda Ready for Spring Driving

Spring is one of the most unpredictable seasons in the North Carolina region. It’s a time when we in the Charlotte area move from one of the wettest months with showers and thunderstorms to increasing sunshine and rising daily temperatures. Spring is also a great opportunity to set time aside to take care of your Mazda vehicle and get it ready for spring driving. The service department at Keffer Mazda dealership is here to help you with that.

No matter where you drove your Mazda vehicle this winter, whether it be in the Appalachian mountains or the Atlantic coast, it must have picked up some salt and other debris. While you might be tempted to take it to a nearby automatic car wash, we recommend that you do the first post-winter wash yourself. Give yourself an entire afternoon to attend to this job. By carefully washing the car yourself, you’ll be able to thoroughly remove any dry harsh winter road salt from any crevices. The best way to hand-wash your Mazda vehicle is to be equipped with the correct tools: a good quality soap, bucket, grit guard, and a high quality microfiber wash mitt and wash sponge.

Winter Salt = Exterior Damage

Pay careful attention to door hinges, wheel wells, and especially the undercarriage of your Mazda vehicle. If left untended, winter salt can damage your Mazda by starting to rust the metal. While you’re at it, remember to clean the interior floor mats and rugs to free them from the ravages of winter. It’s important to ensure that the mats are completely dry before returning them to the car or you’ll be inviting mold to set in. Take that extra step to steam clean the interior fabrics; any salt that has been tracked inside can get rubbed into the seat cushions and fabrics. Once there, it can cause the fabrics to stain or begin to rip and tear.

Now tend to the inside of your Mazda. All of those pizza boxes, gum wrappers, used Kleenex tissues, empty coffee cups, and fast food bags can be thrown out. By removing the clutter, you and your family will notice how much better your Mazda vehicle smells and looks.

Solicit the Service Department

If you are comfortable handling all of the spring maintenance needs for your Mazda, set aside time for this seasonal check-up. If not, our service department at Keffer Mazda dealership is able to help get your vehicle ready for spring. The service technicians are well trained and knowledgeable on your particular Mazda vehicle. Plus, our service department uses quality licensed parts from our large inventory that was built to the brand’s exact specifications. It is easy to schedule your spring service tune-up through our online tool. Here you’ll find a variety of hours and opening days to fit between your work and family schedule.

After a long winter, your Mazda vehicle’s car cabin air filter has probably been put to the test. It has filtered all of the air that comes through the car’s HVAC system to prevent you and your passengers from breathing pollutants, such as dust, pollen, smog and mold spores. Spring is a perfect time to replace the old air filter.

Test the Tire Pressure

During the spring maintenance on your Mazda, have the tire pressure checked. Tire pressure is often affected by outside air temperature, whether it be winter’s cold blasts or when temperatures start to warm again in the spring. The service technicians at Keffer Mazda dealership will ensure that your Mazda vehicle’s tires are filled to the proper level. The Mazda vehicle manual or the sidewall of the tire will provide information on the maximum PSI for the tire. Having the correct tire pressure optimizes your vehicle’s performance – and fuel efficiency.

While you’re checking the tires for correct pressure, take a look at the tread and make sure there are no bald spots or metal threads showing through. Thoroughly check for any unwanted nails or glass that might have slipped through during the winter months.

Once all four tires have been checked (don’t forget the spare!), the next thorough check should be under the hood of your Mazda vehicle. You or your service technician will be analyzing different parts of the car’s engine to see how they survived the winter. Belts and hoses, especially in cars that sit outside the entire winter, are susceptible to cold temperatures and can become brittle or worn. The car’s coolant should be checked and replaced if it is too old, so as to avoid overheating as spring temperatures begin to rise.

Check Your Car Battery

Another important car component to check in the spring is your car battery. During the winter months, we put a lot of strain on our car’s battery. Now that spring has arrived, it’s a good time to have the battery tested to see whether or not it needs to be replaced. You never want to deal with a dead battery, especially if you’re in an unfamiliar area.

It’s also wise to check your car’s safety kit to make sure all of the items are working correctly. Now that spring is here, it might be a good investment to purchase a small battery jumper for your Mazda vehicle.

The windshield wipers on your Mazda vehicle probably were used often during the snow storms and pelting rain over the past few months. Ice and snow can wear them down and tears and cracks can appear. In the spring, it’s time to switch out those old used wipers for a replacement set.

After sending your Mazda vehicle through potholes, street cracks, and snow banks, it’s time to check the car’s suspension system. Without the car correctly inline, it will begin to show wear and tear on other parts of the vehicle and provide a less comfortable ride for you and your passengers.

Spring is the perfect time to renew your focus on your Mazda vehicle. If you need help servicing your car, please don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with our service department at Keffer Mazda dealership.