How to Check and Fill Car Tires

May 27th, 2015 by

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While it is never the most exciting task, tire inflation is a crucial part of car maintenance. Properly inflated tires save you money and allow for a smoother, safer experience vehicle on the road. A well inflated tire should improve your car’s handling and my your ride comfier as well. And, because it is National Tire Safety Week, now is the perfect time to inflate your tires and ensure a safe drive.

Before You Begin

Always know your tires’ proper inflation level before you begin. There should be a sticker on the driver-side doorjamb telling you the vehicle weight restriction and tire information. You can also find this info in the maintenance section of your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Do not refer to the sidewall markings on your tires because they specify the maximum tire pressure — not the recommended pressure.

It is also not easy to judge tire inflation simply by looking at your tires. Unless they are visibly flat (in which case, air may only mask the source of the problem) you need you use a tire pressure gauge to get the correct pounds per square inch reading. You will get the most accurate reading when it is cold outside and before you’ve been driving for long, so the morning is the best time to check.

How To Do It

Once you’ve arrived at the gas station or other location that provides a machine to fill tires, follow these steps to fill your tires:

  • Pull your vehicle onto a level surface next to the air machine and remove the caps from your tires’ valve stems.
  • Press the tip of the gauge straight onto the tire’s valve stem for a brief moment– this should provide a psi reading.
  • If the gauge’s reading is higher than the recommended rating, press the gauge tip on the valve stem until you hear air leak out, then check again.
  • If lower, press the air-hose tip onto the valve stem and you should hear air enter the tire.
  • When you think you’ve added or let out enough air, check the pressure a few times with the gauge.
  • Replace the valve dust caps.

Check your tires frequently to stay safe and save money. If you are having any issues with your tires, feel free to schedule an appointment at Keffer Mazda’s wonderful service center.


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