A Quick Guide to Windshield Wipers

November 28th, 2016 by

Windshield Wiper

We often take them for granted, by your windshield wipers are a very important part of your car. This time of year sees a lot of rain, sleet, and snow, so yours will probably see a lot of action. Obviously being able to see when it’s raining or snowing is a big plus, but if your blades or even the motor are worn down or not working, you run the risk of not only being unable to see properly, but also making matters even worse! Streaking and missed sections are common signs that it’s time to replace something!

What to Watch For As mentioned above, streaking and missed sections of your windshield are often good indicators that your blades or motor are not functioning as they should. Another warning sign is “chatter.” If the blades seem bumpy or make a staccato noise as they move across the windshield, things aren’t working right. Another thing to pay attention to is how the arms move. Are they moving at the correct speeds and covering the entire windshield? If they seem erratic, sluggish, or don’t move in a normal fashion, there might be a problem with the motor.

What Can I Do? The first thing to do is check the blades themselves. Look to see if the rubber is worn down, torn, or bent in any way. If you find any of these issues, it’s time to replace the blades. If you don’t know what lengths you need, tell an employee at an autoparts store the make, model, and year of your car and they can usually look it up. For issues with the motor, this may require a little outside help. To avoid doing further damage to your car, schedule an appointment here at Keffer and we’ll look into it!

How Do I Change the Wiper Blades? If it’s just an issue with the wiper blades, you can easily change them yourself. Once you buy a new set, start by removing the old blades. They are usually secured to the arms with a simple hook or latch and pop right out with a little muscle. Once the old ones are off, take your new ones and pop them into place. In many cases, one blade will be longer than the other. The longer one usually goes on the passenger side, but be sure to check your car’s manual to be certain.

For a more thorough guide, you can check out this quick video. Keeping your windshield wipers in top working order ensures you and your passengers have a safer trip! For more car and driving tips, be sure to check out the rest of the Keffer blog!