6 Tips for When You’re Locked Out of Your Car

November 6th, 2015 by


Most people will lock their keys in the car at some point in their lives. And it will probably happen at the most inconvenient time. So, what do you do when your keys are inside your locked car without you? Here are a few tips to help you overcome this tragic separation:

1. Call 911

If you don’t feel safe while your keys are locked inside your car, you can call the police for assistance. Most of the time they will be able to unlock your vehicle for you or they will help you call a tow truck. If you’re stranded in an unsafe area, you should dial 911 and explain your situation. You may have to pay for a tow truck but at least you’ll be safe.

2. Roadside Service

For drivers who frequently find themselves in need of roadside assistance, you should consider getting a roadside assistance service such as AAA or Allstate. You can call one of these services to help you reunite with your keys and get on your way.

3. Tow Truck

If you don’t have a roadside service, you can call 411 to find nearby tow truck services. Many tow truck services will also be able to help you unlock your car.

4. Temporary Key

You can get a temporary key that will unlock your car but not start the ignition from your car dealership. You’ll need your vehicle identification number to prove you are the owner and you’ll need a ride to the dealership.

5. Extra Key

Having an extra key on hand is never a bad idea. You can leave it with someone else who can come to your rescue or you can secure it to the outside of your vehicle in a hidden spot using magnets.

6. Smart Car

Some vehicles today have remote unlocking technology available so all you have to do is call a toll free number or download an app and unlock it from your phone. If you lock your keys in your car frequently, you can also buy a car with a keypad so all you need to do is remember your lock code. You can check with your dealership or the automaker’s website to find more information about remote unlocking capabilities for your car.

So, the next time you lock your keys in your car, don’t sweat it just follow these 6 tips!

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