Is Your Vehicle In Good Condition For Your Vacation?

June 12th, 2023 by

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Planning a road trip this season? Before you leave your driveway for vacation, remember these car care tips form the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to ensure that your vehicle is ready for the journey.

Prepare the A/C

Whether your destination is just a short way down the road or across the country, it’s hard to imagine setting out on a road trip without air conditioning. As you drive in the summertime, your air conditioner has to work harder to keep your cabin cool, and the extra effort and higher temperatures can cause considerable strain if you’re A/C isn’t in reliable condition. It’s well worth your time to bring your vehicle to the auto shop to make sure the air conditioning is fit for travel, especially if you’ve noticed it making strange noises or blowing warm air lately.

Monitor the Cooling System and Fluids

Your cabin isn’t the only part of your vehicle that needs to stay cool this summer. That high heat can take its toll on your engine as well, and your powertrain can generate considerable heat on its own as you drive. That’s where the cooling system comes in, and this vital system keeps your engine from overheating on the road. Be sure to check your vehicle’s coolant levels, and consider asking a mechanic to inspect your cooling system for leaks and clean fluid.

Inspect Heat-Sensitive Parts

The intense heat of the summer months can be especially brutal on the rubber components of your vehicle. The various rubber belts and hoses under the hood of your car can degrade at a faster rate when temperatures soar, so make sure to take a close look at them – or have a professional inspect these essential parts to be sure that they’re in reliable condition for the road ahead. If the rubber on any of these parts shows cracks, blisters, bulges or excessive wear, then they should be replaced before you embark on any road trip. It’s better to fix those issues now than to let them become a more demanding problem while you’re away from home.

Check Your Tires

Summer heat and hot pavement can impact your tire pressure, so you’ll need to keep an eye on them to make sure they’re properly inflated. If a tire is slack, it can cause excessive drag and lessen your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. More importantly, it’s also more likely to lead to a blowout, so don’t let your tires go without sufficient air pressure. Of course, overinflating can be harmful as well, as it can cause accelerated wear as well as a loss of traction on the pavement.

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If you want to make sure your vehicle is fit for travel this summer, bring it to our service center for a professional inspection. Schedule service with Keffer Mazda to keep your car ready for all your adventures.

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