At Home Summer Day Fun For The Whole Family

June 26th, 2023 by

Children's picture made from autumn leaves paint.

Summertime belongs to the kiddos. From the moment school lets out, your little ones will be ready to spend every day at the pool, eating popsicles, or at home binge-watching their favorite cartoons and playing video games. Even though summer should be filled with a ton of fun, as a parent, you probably want to squeeze in some educational activities too. That’s where this list created by the Happy Hooligans comes in. The Happy Hooligans has created a list of 100 fun things to do at home this summer. It even has a printable checklist that you can work through as the summer days roll by. Keep reading for a few highlights.

Fun Ways to Explore Nature

The summertime is a great time to teach your little one more about nature. If you have time to get out of the house for a bit, slap on some sunscreen and go for a hike at a local park. Use the time to teach them about the natural wildlife and indigenous plants in the area. But if staying in is on the agenda for the day it doesn’t mean exploring nature is off the table. Instead, try making these self-portraits crafted with items found in nature.  Let your little one go foraging around the yard, the garden, or nearby woods (with supervision, of course.) Then take the leaves, blades of grass, and flower petals they’ve collected and use them to create a self-portrait. You can also use the foraged materials to make “garden soup.” This fun activity can help your little ones develop fine motor skills as they use scissors and spoons to snip and stir their garden ingredients into a soup. If you choose to do this craft, make sure to use safety scissors and never leave your child alone while using them.

Fun STEM Projects

It’s great when you can teach your kids the basics of how things work through active play, and that’s exactly what many of the activities on the Happy Hooligan’s list do. For instance, this fun rope and pulley project is a great way to teach your kids a little about mechanics. They can spend hours experimenting with how the pulley system works and you can explain the more intricate details to them.


Kitchen Skills

Cooking is a skill that everyone should have. While your little ones don’t need to be master chefs, teaching them a few kitchen skills in a fun and safe environment can help boost their confidence and set the foundation for future learning. You can start by letting them help you make this delicious soft-serve, single-ingredient, banana ice cream. It’s literally just a frozen banana blended up, but it’s oh-so-yummy, secretly nutritious, and your kids will love it.  They’ll love it even more if you let them press the button on the blender.

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