Beat The Heat This Summer With These Tips

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Summer is a great time of year to get outside to enjoy the fresh air, but you also want to ensure you’re staying hydrated during those hot summer days. Heat is a serious factor to consider when it comes to the summer months. Those who are more susceptible to heat-related illness are young children, older adults, and people with chronic conditions. Here are several tips from Commonwealth Care Alliance to help you stay hydrated and cool and beat the heat this summer.

Tips For Beating the Summer Heat

  1. Drink Plenty of Water – The number one way to say hydrated this summer is by drinking plenty of water. Regardless of if you are thirsty or not, you need water to keep your body from overheating. When it’s hot outside, your body sweats to discard heat, and while the sweat can help cool you down, it can also lower your body’s water level, which is why you need to drink water when you’re outside.
  2. Wear Sunblock – When you go outside, apply sunscreen with the appropriate sun protection factor (SPF). You use more protection when choosing a sunscreen with a higher SPF number. It would be best to reapply sunscreen every two hours and after sweating or swimming.
  3. Seek Air Conditioning – If your area is prone to high heat during the summer, ensure you have a functioning air conditioner to keep yourself cool while indoors. If you don’t have an air conditioner, make sure you have a plan to visit an air-conditioning center that is open to the public.
  4. Keep Your House Cool – During the summer months, make sure you utilize your ceiling fans. A good rule of thumb is to turn the fan counterclockwise so that the air blows and creates a breeze. To change the direction your fan turns, flip the switch on the side of the fan. You should also consider taking cool showers or baths to help your body cool down during the summer heat.
  5. Find Some Shade – You want to enjoy the fresh air during the summer months, but the heat can make that difficult, so you should find some shade to sit under to cool down. This can be as simple as sitting under a tree, and it’s actually cooler to sit under the shade of a tree than it is to sit under the shade of man-made objects. You should also steer clear of dark surfaces because they absorb more heat from the sun than light surfaces.
  6. Don’t Push Yourself During Outdoor Activities – Pace yourself when you are outside. You don’t want to get too hot when running errands or completing routine activities, and the heat can add an extra level of difficulty. So make sure you give yourself plenty of time when you are outside, and don’t rush.

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Stay Cool This Summer

You should stay out of the sun during the hottest part of the day, and when you are outside, make sure to wear sunscreen. Also, drink plenty of water, and if you don’t have water bottles, grab the keys to your Keffer Mazda vehicle and head to the store to grab some water to stay cool this summer.

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